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Today, I didn’t realize the sun set at quarter to six. The darkness no longer is something to be dreaded and the coldness of the winter no longer erases the touch of the sun. I’m here in this moment. I’m beginning to dance in the middle of my stride again, I’m beginning to sing and smile at my reflection. I’m beginning to hope. I’m no longer fearful of the time that passes, I feel each moment. How wonderful it is to feel hope, even if it comes in waves. I’m convinced this wave is the ocean.


  1. Very Good. The sun will rise tomorrow from the very same ocean(still, not wavy) but in an opposite direction bringing hope for the living being to restart anew – ‘ beginning to hope’. The stage of darkness is just a passing phase. The sun is there all along. If it were sun shining all along without setting, beings would be dull, lifeless and Hopeless, wouldn’t they ?

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