Blogging About My Faith

When I first began blogging, my goal was not to become a Christian blogger or to even talk about my faith, it was about having something to add to my resume. I knew that I enjoyed to write and the more I began to share and write things that were more personal, the more I enjoyed writing for my blog. When I changed my approach, I began to have more engagement overall but what mattered was not success. I stopped caring about sharing my blog with potential employers to prove that I could do a job. I did not want to write about topics that did not move me in order to prove that I could endorse a brand.

I stopped caring about whether I would appear to others as too emotional, simple-minded, or unstable for sharing my writings, and I am glad it turned out that way. The most important thing in the grand scheme of blogging was that I enjoyed my blog. It became a collection of what made me happy, what my hopes were, what I aspired to be, and my journey as I experienced many emotions in life. My journey is bringing me new hopes, new joys, and new realizations on what really matters in life and it’s because of Him.

Recently, I began to get back into the Word and there has been a great change within me as I find myself finding joy in different things. I began to find joy in talking about my faith and I believe that naturally, it is coming through to my blog. I love talking about God and what I have been learning, it is a blessing to me. If it is God’s will to turn my passion for writing into a way to work through me, it would be an honor. I don’t know if anyone noticed but for the longest time I ran out of words to speak. I was in a cycle of emptiness and sadness that lead me to the point of feeling uninspired. These days, I have ups and I have downs but when I seek God, I feel like I always find peace in Him and a renewed sense of what I live for. I am not sure what lies ahead but I find peace in knowing I have Him.

Photo taken from: betweensundays.bykate

Featured Image by: Sincerely Media

With Love,


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