My Music Favorites (October 2020)

As per blog tradition, I have decided to compile some of my current music favorites for the month of October. In the past, I have never really included Christian music in my lists but since this month I have mainly listened to music that glorifies our Creator, my list consists of the Christian genre but I assure you, it’s really good, even if you don’t consider yourself to be a believer.

Recently, I have found a lot of joy in watching the leaves change, appreciating all of the wonder in the day to day. I’ve experienced a lot of ingratitude in the past and sometimes, I find myself sinking into that mindset now with everything that is happening in the world. Despite my ups and downs, I love going into prayer, reading my Bible, and listening to music about God. I find myself feeling refreshed afterwards. I would say that a lot of the music in this list is incredibly calm and I find these songs to be perfect for the season (or any season to be honest). I hope you can enjoy these songs, I know I surely do ♡.

1.) Promises (feat. Joe L Barnes & Naomi Raine) – Maverick City | TRIBL

2.) Phil Wickham – No Longer Slaves – Songs From Home

3.) Psalm 91 – Jonathan Ogden

4.) Phil Wickham – How Deep The Father’s Love – Songs From Home

5.) By the Streams – Jonathan Ogden

6.) Praise and Lift You High (feat. Dante Bowe, Michelle Danae, Deavon Asher & Crystal Robertson)

7.) Have My Heart (feat. Chandler Moore & Chris Brown) – Maverick City | TRIBL

8.) Rivers & Robots – Shepherd Of My Soul

9.) With You – Jonathan Ogden

10.) Friend – Jonathan Ogden

11.) wonderful God [find me] x montell fish

With Love,


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