It Doesn’t Have to End

It doesn’t have to end with fire erupting within your chest. It doesn’t have to end with the anxiety of never being able to restore what was destroyed.

You may be gasping for air as you try to focus on every breath. You may be trembling as you bleed out the poison from the very cup that you once considered to be overflowing, the same cup you toasted to with a grand “cheer”, thinking: “many years to come”.

Surviving may seem impossible as you are left desperate for one small opening to escape the fortress you built to keep it safe, the one they set fire to and ensnared you within.

It doesn’t have to end with rapid fire thoughts conspiring how you can make it out alive because you can. The demolition of an unfit structure must occur for something new to be built. It doesn’t have to be your undoing, it can become your foundation.

You can receive better than what you got
You can be better than who you were


Writer’s note: I believe I wrote this in the beginning of September and so much has happened in my life. I remember my mindset while I wrote this, and my life has changed in ways that I could not imagine. I feel peace and joy as I continue to try to find an accurate way to articulate what I have experienced, but I’m still trying to find the words. My life has been in chaos for quite some time and finally, I arrived to the core of my foundation. I realized that even though I had all of the materials to build a strong foundation in God’s truth, I often looked for joy and bliss in other places, thinking I would be fulfilled. I have found my joy in the Lord and I now put my faith in Him to guide my paths and I know I will not be disappointed.

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