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It’s me Again.. What I’ve Been Doing.

It’s been a while since my last entry and although I do not know which direction this post will take me, I feel inspired. As I enjoy my pumpkin spice flavored coffee and browse the internet, I am reminded of all the things I want for myself and the things that make me happy. My New Year’s Resolutions come to mind. I’ve never been the type to follow my own resolutions or bucket lists so I stopped creating them. I usually follow my goals on my own, based on where life takes me, but this year I created a list. As I glimpse over the list, I find that in my absence, I have been working toward all of these goals. Let me tell you what I have been up to.

1.) Crushing Academic & Career Goals

I probably picked the image where I look the weirdest and that is perfectly okay because I truly am strange. I chose this image because it reminds me of the optimism I had approaching this past summer. After one of my longterm goals was set in place, I was more than ready to start accomplishing more. I have been working hard towards my academics and future career.

2.) I Began Working Out Again

I have been into fitness since the Spring of 2016; however, towards the end of that August, I had fell off of my fitness routine and had started eating a lot of processed food. While it wasn’t noticeable that I had not been working out, I could tell that the muscle definition that I had built was fading and that I was losing the strength and endurance I had been working towards. I wanted to get back into being more active and eating healthier. I do not want to take my ability to be active for granted when I can do better for myself. This resolution had been ignored until this past June. I began hitting the gym, taking classes, and doing home workouts. Maybe I’ll talk about my fitness journey another time and what I like to do to train.

3.) Pursuing my Passions

I began writing this but I feel like this belongs in it’s own separate blog post. Nonetheless, I have taken leaps toward trying some of the things that I love and that I have always wanted to do and…. It hasn’t disappointed me. I have been learning more about producing music, scoring videos, and marketing. Sure, I have more to do but I accept that doing more of the things that I have always wanted to do will take time and I will need to be able to afford to try certain things. I have begun at least and that is what matters.

Where have you guys been? Comment down below!

With Love,

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