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A Day in NY

Today, I went to Manhattan for a meeting and I decided to make an afternoon out of it. After my interview, I noticed my phone’s battery had gotten low so I went on a quest to find a coffee shop to charge my phone in. During my mission, I ran into all the stores and I ended up shopping. I decided to go into H&M and I finally got around to buying fishnet stockings, they cost me $9. If you read my blog entry Fashion Trends You’ll be Seeing This 2017, there are some Pinterest ideas for how I plan to style them.

After walking a few blocks, I stumbled across Gregorys Coffee.

At Gregorys Coffee, I presumed to order a Caffè Americano as I waited for my phone to charge. The coffee was good and they provided free lemon infused water. Coffee dehydrates you and after walking around, I was pleased that I didn’t have to purchase water. While I waited for my phone to charge, I listened to some music on Spotify. I am planning to make a blog entry on my current favorite songs to listen to. My song of the day is Day and Night by Lo Air, it has this calm, trance sound but the chorus gets funky. I love it.

Fast forward to now, I’m snug in my bed about to watch my favorite Youtuber, Nikki Blackketter. What did you guys do today? Comment down below, I’d love to hear!

With Love,



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