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New to Blogging?

New to blogging? Me too. I started with a free WordPress to see if blogging was something I’d like before investing larger sums of money into it. I have not invested any money into it, but I can say I do enjoy blogging. In my short experience, it has only gotten more interesting since I have discovered a couple of blogs to enjoy and now, I have enough posts to play with my theme a bit more. I’m really liking my newest theme.

Despite my optimism, I must admit that I did not expect to have such difficulty getting my blog posts out. With WordPress Reader, my posts often fall after a gazillion posts in the categories I place them in. Some posts above mine do not even relate closely to the tag they rank so highly in. It could seem quite pointless at times spending so much time on a post to have no one seem to view it, like it, or place a comment. Even though I do not feel that my blog has gotten that much attention, I do not think I necessarily mind.  Of course, I want for people to enjoy my blog; however, I am enjoying my blog so I am content.

Last year, my class had a guest speaker. The speaker was an artist and had created cartoons, comics, and had even worked with Disney at some point. He had talked about doing what he loved. To this day, he still receives income for things he did years ago. I thought about his speech today as I noticed views and likes to older articles I didn’t expect to receive notifications from. I suppose the message I’m trying to convey to my fellow newbies and hobbyists is to not be discouraged. You may be writing to an audience that never gets to see what you write. You may be frustrated or feel like you’ll never be able to get anywhere with your blog. Either way, the work you do is not completely in vain. Someone will come across your posts and appreciate them even if it is not now. Have patience and write about things you’re passionate about.

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  1. I’m new to blogging too! It’s a challenge to stick to my Monday and Thursday blog writing schedule and inspirations don’t come very often. But hopefully, like you said, the fruits of labour will be harvested someday.

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    1. I understand! I have ideas but right now I have to prioritize school work over writing posts. I have found my inspiration listening to music, reading the news, writing out my genuine thoughts, and reading a blog post and realizing my reply is so long I should just write a post on my perspective. I hope that helped, good luck! 🙂


  2. I 100% agree with this. I think you need to find the comfort in the discomfort which is found when you continue doing something. Same as when you start working out. I remember how inconsistent I was in my first year of blogging. I didn’t know what to write at all, I had low views and barely wrote 2 posts a month! I would even go months without writing at all but then come back with a post ‘for the sake of posting’. I think every blogger can confess to having done that.

    But something clicked for me since September 2016. I was motivated to write about topics I care about, that I would genuinely read myself. I started taking better pictures. And the results started rolling in month by month.

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    1. I definitely agree, I began this blog for more writing experience for my resume but I ended up enjoying lifestyle writing and posts as a whole. I think with creativity in general, it is important not force ideas because then it can block your creativity. I’m not always consistent with my posts because I rather enjoy blogging here. I appreciate your experience as a blogger, writing about what you’re genuinely into is key. 🙂


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