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A Day in My Life

imageToday was quite an ordinary day, but it was a good day. I woke up rather early to run errands with my cousin. Once our errands were over, I had a tea session and tried to think about my life. I often find that drinking tea is helpful when my goal is to be productive, I almost always get things done after a cup of tea. I brought Green Tea in excess but my favorite tea is White Tea.


After tea time, I then proceeded to “adult” and took care of more college things and life preparations. Now that spring semester is starting up, I am trying to savor the days where my to-do list is completely up to myself. It ended up being a good day as I ended it off with a shopping trip. You know, shopping is a lot of fun this time of year since there are so many cheap items on clearance. H&M and Forever21 had some great deals for men and women. Sadly, I’m on a tight budget so I did not purchase anything. It actually wasn’t so sad since I had just as much fun helping my cousin shop.

Life can be enjoyable when you create good moments with good people. How did you spend your day?

With love,


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