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Sick Days With Me

I tried to think back, to figure out where it all began; however, there were a few pivotal moments that may have been the cause for my current discomfort.

Could it have been my sick relative, the time I spent outside shoveling snow, or that little girl who coughed on me while I was enjoying my Starbucks? There are far too many possible reasons as to why I’m feeling this way. My throat itches and my nose is stuffy. I have decided that I must have caught a cold (obviously). As I sip my earl grey tea and type this, I have no idea why I thought this would be remotely interesting to you, but I’m going to post it anyway. I suppose my justification for this spontaneous entry is because…. Just because.

You know how when you’re sick you think about how good it was before you were sick? That’s where I’m at. My days have been very mellow and chill recently. I began my day by taking care of some school related tasks. Once those were completed, I watched Outlander with my special someone. For those of you who have no idea what that is, I’m telling you now, it’s a t.v. show and it’s really good. It’s about an English woman who travels back to the 17th century, despite her unwillingness. Throughout the show, we watch to see if she’ll be able to return to her time and to see what occurs to her during her journey. It has romance and time traveling, two of my favorite things.


Flash forward to now, I’m working on my blog entry and brainstorming ideas for my upcoming posts. I love Valentine’s Day so I will be doing a good amount of planning to put my thoughts into a blog entry. If you’re currently sick like me, stay warm, take medicine, eat healthy, drink orange juice, have tea, read, watch something that puts you in your happy place, and relax. Thanks for reading and feel free to share how you’re spending your sick day!

With Love,


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