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Fashion Trends You’ll be Seeing This 2017

ftynsRecently, we’ve been experiencing an overload of stylish “new” looks. Although most of our current fashions have made a serious comeback from prior times, these looks are surely something to be excited for. I have put together a series of collages of recent trends I’ve seen emerging on Pinterest that I absolutely love.


It’s official, fishnets have made a comeback and we are using them for more than every day stockings, more than halloween costumes. Fishnets are being used to wear with pants, as socks, turtlenecks to wear chic slips over, and many other ways. fn2

lace-upThe next trend I’m loving is one we’ve been seeing around for a bit; however, we are finding more ways to incorporate it. Whether it be lace-up shoes, pants, shirts, hoodies, and skirts, in 2017, I think we can safely say that the lace-up trend is here to stay for a bit.


Our third trend is oversized graphic tees. While the graphic tee trend did not begin in 2017, it is a trend that will carry on and I personally love it. You can find affordable oversized graphic tees in many stores and you may even own one. If you not own a oversized graphic tee,  you can resort to the closet of your brother, sister, cousin, father, boyfriend… I think I’ve made my point.

jumperOur final trend is the jumper. How cute are these outfits? Despite any inconveniences jumpers bring to bathroom trips, they are cute and comfortable.

What is your favorite 2017 trend?

With love,



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