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Affordable Loungewear

Some of my favorite things to purchase include lounge wear. I love having cozy days in and relaxing in cute pajamas. While I love lounge wear, I am not so willing to splurge for a pair of pajamas. Through diligent online shopping, I have selected my favorite affordable pajamas for anyone who loves lounging in cute pajamas but is not willing to spend big bucks to have them.


Forever21- 14.90


Forever21- $12.90


Forever21- $14.90


Joe Boxer Women’s Plush Lounger – Fair Isle

Kmart- $9.49

Joe Boxer Women’s Thermal Top + Pants

Kmart- $5.98 each; Total: $11.96


Plus Size SONOMA Goods for Life™ Pajamas: Flannel Sleep Shirt- Kohls- $15.20


Attention Women’s Boot Socks

Kmart- $1.99


Joe Boxer Women’s Slipper Socks

Kmart- $3.49


Joe Boxer Women’s Sequin Fleece Slipper Socks

Kmart- $3.49

Well, I hope you all enjoyed. Comment your favorite selection below!



With Love,


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