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Mixed Signals

Is a lot of modern anxiety stemming from technology and affecting the way we function as unique individuals? The fact that everything is so accessible and we have access to most things so rapidly is enough to make anyone feel anxious. These days we are expected to acquire knowledge on a vast amount of things.

In order to obtain a degree in one field, you must take required courses that potentially have nothing to do with your field of study. These courses are requirements to ensure that students have extended knowledge of more than one topic and are well-rounded citizens.

This generation is also responsible for learning extended history about ancient civilizations, colonizations, world wars, and everything that has developed until now. Along with history, we must know modern news, which is completely and utterly depressing. Apart from traditional news, most millennials have the desire to be updated with social media, which is sometimes used in an attempt to gain gratification that is sometimes never received.

There is a certain kind of anxiety that develops when one witnesses a mass variety of everyday people gaining success and a platform on all of these social media websites. These people all seem to be living the lives that are most individual’s “goals”. The ability to see all of this can often make you question “what am I doing with my life?”, or “I want to be at my goal now so I can live like them”.

We all want our goals to happen as soon as possible so being subjected to the highlight reels of lives of others can create pressure. While on the other hand, sometimes technology is nice. Sometimes watching a Youtube video, or pinning your dream home on Pinterest makes life seem livable and motivates us. What do you think?


  1. culture is changing too quickly for people to keep up. ironically, instead of panicking they are dazzled, or is it dazed?

    theyre prepared to defend it– if you want people to accept shackles, let them choose the style and the fashion of the cuffs.

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