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Monday Motivation

It’s Monday, presumably the worst day of the week. Monday holds a bad reputation for being the cutoff day to what may have been an enjoyable weekend.

After a weekend full of holiday festivities, we find ourselves taking on a new week. Some of you may be at home, work, or out enjoying your Monday. The rest of you may be having issues finding today enjoyable and that is where I am hoping this blog post will help.

What am I doing this Monday? As I mentioned in my initial post, I am currently a student. It is winter break and as of now, I find myself without any responsibilities to fill my day. Today, I began my day by making myself a cup of coffee and turning on a classic film. As I listened to Gentleman Prefer Blondes, I proceeded to pin and re-blog my morning away.

I worked on my newly developed blog for a bit before I departed for a spontaneous trip to Target. At Target, I made a couple of purchases that I am excited about. I rummaged through the dollar section, which I absolutely love, and found a Valentine’s Day felt envelope. I also found a notebook that I thought was adorable so I purchased it for my blog ideas and inspiration.



(Journal- $3, Envelope- $1)

For the remainder of my Monday, I will search and apply to jobs and internships, exercise, and then have a marathon of Outlander.

Today is looking good. Comment down below to let me know what your Monday is looking like!

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